Grand Canyon Helicopter and Ranch Adventure

Grand Canyon West Rim Air and Ground Day Trip from Las Vegas with SkywalkGrand Canyon Helicopter and Ranch Adventure

Starting from $289.99 per person

Visit the exclusive Grand Canyon West Ranch by helicopter from Las Vegas for a taste of the old Wild West! You’ll fly below the rim of the Grand Canyon before flying to the historic Grand Canyon West Ranch where you will be transported by horse-drawn wagon for your western meal, entertainment and ranching activities.

Your helicopter flight from Las Vegas provides spectacular views of the majestic Hoover Dam and Lake Mead, plus a pass down the world-famous Las Vegas Strip. At the Grand Canyon, you will be one of the few visitors to descend by helicopter more than 1,500 feet (450 meters) below the canyon’s rim.

Returning to the top of the rim you’ll land at the historic Grand Canyon West Ranch, you’ll be transported by a horse-drawn wagon you’ll travel along a trail lined with Joshua trees on a horse-drawn wagon ride. On arrival at the ranch house, a western meal and refreshments will be served.

At the ranch you will be entertained by real working cowboys who’ll share with you their myths, legends and songs. You will have some time to enjoy watching the different ranching activities, and perhaps try your hand at horseback riding….more



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